Zinke Has No Viable Health Care Plan

Will Zinke yank the safety net out from under the many families in need of health care?

By Jan Metzmaker

Ryan Zinke’s TV ads state that he will abandon the Affordable Care Act and refers to it as a “sinking ship.” Thanks to Obamacare, my husband and I were able to keep our sons on our insurance until they were 26. One son spent an anxious year with no medical insurance until he was able to enroll in the ACA. He pays $65 a month for medical and dental coverage.  Because of the Affordable Care Act, one family member who had cancer cannot be denied or canceled. Knowing that our family’s health and financial situation won’t be compromised if we were suddenly dropped, is a great relief.

Here in Flathead County, 3,980 residents have enrolled in Obamacare and I would guess that many more will sign up for coverage in the next enrollment period beginning Nov. 15.  Since Mr. Zinke has vowed to undo the Affordable Care Act, will he yank the safety net out from under the many families in need of health care?  Nothing I have read or seen from Mr. Zinke offers a viable alternative to providing medical coverage.

Although the Affordable Care Act does have its flaws, I appreciate John Lewis’ plan to keep insurance for those in need and work toward addressing the problems. I don’t want to go back to those days of uncertainty and worry. I hope voters will think about the ramifications if nearly 4,000 people in Flathead County are left without insurance.

Jan Metzmaker

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