Flathead National Forest Christmas Tree Permits Available

Each permit is valid for one tree and there is a maximum of two permits per household

By Beacon Staff

Christmas tree permits from the Flathead National Forest are available for $5 at each of the Forest Service Offices in Kalispell, Hungry Horse and Bigfork, and from a variety of vendors across the valley.

The Army Navy store in Whitefish is a new vendor this year. A complete list of vendors can be found on the Forest Service website.

Each permit is valid for one tree and there is a maximum of two permits per household. Commercial permits are not available.

The forest has an abundant choice of trees from which to choose. Trees may not be cut in campgrounds or other developed areas, plantations, previously thinned stands and areas posted closed to Christmas tree cuttings. The permit must be fastened around the tree trunk prior to transporting your tree from the National Forest.

Forest managers ask the public to select a tree that is three to four inches in diameter or less at the stump. The stump should be cut as close to the ground as possible, 8” or shorter. Do not cut the top of a tree or leave live limbs attached to the stump. The Christmas tree permit is only for National Forest System lands. There are other privately-owned and industry-owned lands in the Flathead Valley area that may not allow Christmas tree cutting, so please check the ownership of the land before you cut a Christmas tree.