Pointing Fingers at the President

What will the momentums in these areas of concern offer to the "Hate Obama Movement?”

By Bob McClellan

Have you ever known a person who is otherwise sensible, reasonable and caring but allows hate and anger to totally cloud their good sense and reason?

America has many of those persons active today as politicians and media folks.

The object of their relentless diatribes and often ill-informed opinions is, of course, President Barack Obama.

One of the strangest ones has been those early attacks this year on Obama’s leadership during the Ukraine uprisings.  In comparing Obama with Putin, Vladamir Putin was suddenly and inexplicably characterized by this group as a man of resolve, a leader with courage and strength, not the shrinking violet like Obama but a leader with vision and good control over his country. Well, at this date we know how all that has worked out and who showed sensible leadership.

Then there is the price of gas and oil. Obama was blamed and castigated with all sorts of wild accusations of poor leadership surrounding high oil prices, high prices at the gas pump, and all manner of devious manipulations politically motivated.

And our continuing military involvements in the Middle East conflicts have been a bonanza for the finger pointers and severe critics of Obama. And all for a situation he had nothing to do with and had even opposed as a senator. Then, in 2009, he was handed the whole conflicting package for which there is no solution from the outside. He was expected to bring closure and peace. International terrorism has flourished as a result of America’s outrageously arrogant, misguided and greedy actions in invading Iraq. Until there is a stemming of the tide of resentment of America, which fuels terrorism recruitments, international terrorism will continue to grow in the opinion of Middle East experts.

Now, add the economy, job growth, immigration, healthcare as a right not a privilege, education and the environment. And the latest: Cuba.  What will the momentums in these areas of concern offer to the “Hate Obama Movement?”

Stay tuned, and a pleasant holiday season.

Bob McClellan

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