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Kalispell Man Denies Burglary, Escape Charges

Aron Porras allegedly tried to break into a Kalispell home on Dec. 10 while high on meth

A slick sidewalk thwarted a Kalispell man’s attempted escape from police after he allegedly tried to break into an apartment complex last month.

Aron Porras pleaded not guilty in Flathead County District Court on Jan. 8 to charges of attempted aggravated burglary, escape and criminal possession of dangerous drugs stemming from the Dec. 10 incident.

According to court documents, a Kalispell woman called police after she found Porras on her balcony with a knife trying to break into her apartment through the backdoor. After failing to get into the home, Porras began to stab the air randomly and gained the attention of a neighbor. Porras spotted the neighbor and ran toward his backdoor and tried to force his way into the apartment. Porras got one arm through the door so the man could not close the door. The man then pulled a gun on Porras, who eventually left the residence. Police arrived soon after and arrested Porras.

As police interviewed residents, Porras’ girlfriend approached them and said that Porras was high on methamphetamine. She told them that she had taken Porras to Kalispell Regional Medical Center earlier in the evening because he was hallucinating and doctors recommended he cease using meth.

Meanwhile, Porras, who was still in the back of the police cruiser, freed himself from handcuffs and attempted to escape. An officer took Porras out of the car to re-secure the handcuffs, but the suspect escaped his grasp and started running away. His escape was cut short when he reportedly slipped on the ice and officers put him back in the cruiser.

Porras was taken to jail where he continued to be combative, according to court records. At the detention center, police found a small bag of meth in his front pocket.

If convicted, Porras could face up to 45 years in prison and $100,000 in fines. He is set to go to trial in April.