FWP Needs New Direction, Not More Money

If you disagree with the actions of FWP, call your district representative

By Brian Todd

This is the worst hunting that we have had for many years, which is due to the wolf population, and it is still not being adequately adjusted. By its own numbers, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks show the wolves are increasing every year even with current measures to control them.

Thousands of dollars are being spent on flying around in helicopters, such as game counts. This is unnecessary because hunter success rate is accurate. Also, on things like the moose study, which was in the Flathead Beacon last year. FWP’s finding for the decline of moose was ticks and global warming with no mention of the wolf population. These people should be fired.

If you disagree with the actions of FWP, call your district representative. Lawmakers are in session right now deciding whether FWP needs more money.

It is in my opinion the whole department needs to be fired and for it to start over with one to two game wardens per county. That would save millions of dollars.

Brian Todd

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