State Website Shows How Lawmakers Voted During Legislature

New website shows how legislators voted on bills

By Beacon Staff

Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch recently added a new page to the state’s website in an effort to provide more transparency in the state government.

“See How They Voted” is a webpage that shows how Legislators voted on the Secretary of State’s priority bills. McCulloch suggests that all state agencies and organizations start posting pages like the the latest one to ensure that Montana residents have easy access to viewing how their legislators are voting on issues important to them.

“I believe that it’s important for all Montana residents to see how their Legislators are voting on various issues,” McCulloch said. “At the end of the day Montana voters elect representatives to make decisions based on reason and issues facing their communities. It’s important for voters to see if they are following through on their commitments.”

She added, “Legislators shouldn’t be able to hide behind votes. Making Legislators accountable for their votes is how we build a better Montana government.”

Click here to “See How They Voted.”