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Montana State Receives $1M Donation for Computer Science

Greg Gianforte, the founder of RightNow Technologies, makes massive donation to school

BOZEMAN — Greg Gianforte, the founder of RightNow Technologies, is donating $1 million to Montana State University to help the school educate and graduate more computer science majors.

The donation from the Gianforte Family Foundation, announced Monday, includes $500,000 for the Gianforte Faculty Fellows program to support the recruitment and retention of computer science professors and $500,000 to increase space for those teaching and studying the computer sciences.

Gianforte says the gift will give MSU students more opportunity to pursue computer science and to fill high-paying job opportunities without leaving Montana.

RightNow Technologies, founded in 1997, developed customer relationship management software. Oracle purchased the company for $1.5 billion in 2011.