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Crews Chlorinating Water System in Bigfork to Eliminate Bacteria

Traces of coliform still exist in small parts of the water supply in Bigfork

After the latest sample showed traces of bacteria lingering in Bigfork’s water system, crews are chlorinating the water supply starting Monday.

Julie Spencer, district manager of the water and sewer district in Bigfork, said samples were taken last week that showed traces of coliform still existed in some parts of the community’s water supply. Crews will add safe levels of chlorine to the system while also flushing other areas as well, Spencer said.

Spencer said she hopes this will be the last measure needed to clear the water supply of any existing bacteria.

The community’s water supply was contaminated by traces of total coliform bacteria, which is commonly found in soil or vegetation. Coliform will not likely cause illness unless someone has a compromised immune system, according to the U.S. Department of Environmental Quality.

Spencer said the contamination is likely a result of the water main extension that occurred in town last fall. She emphasized that the contamination is not an emergency and that a boil order has not been issued; such an order would advise residents to boil their tap water for drinking or other human-consumption uses like cooking.

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