Support the Whitefish Trail

The more people are using the trail, the less often vandalism will occur

By Hal and Debbie Frutiger

This letter is being written in support of the Whitefish Trail. We have hiked in the Beaver Lake area for over 35 years. During that time we have watched many changes occur in the Whitefish area. Like most of the readers, some we have liked and others, not so much. However, the development of the Whitefish Trail system has been something we have fully supported.

We have regularly picked up trash in the Beaver Lakes area. While we originally were not sure if additional traffic in the area would be a plus, the trails have proven to be an absolute positive. Trash is still left behind, but is greatly reduced. We find that the people who use the trails have respect for our forests and are appreciative of this massive undertaking.

Therefore, it was with great sadness that we recently found vandalism to trail signage in the area. Directional signs and the kiosk at the North Beaver Connection were knocked over and sawed down. Our purpose is not to condemn the few who did this but to bring awareness and praise the many who have contributed and volunteered to support the trails.

We encourage all to get involved. The trails allow us and our children to enjoy our beautiful Montana forests and wildlife. The conservation of Whitefish’s forest and protecting the beauty of our area is what makes this place so very special. Our trails are unique and preserve what we love about Whitefish. The more people are using the trail, the less often vandalism will occur – so, get out and get on the trail!

Hal and Debbie Frutiger

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