LWCF Works for Montana

They are setting the precedent to lead, and to fight for LWCF

By Dori Gilels

The Land and Water Conservation Fund has been getting a lot of attention in Montana lately. Sportsmen’s groups, conservation groups, business organizations and those in the tourism industry have been rallying to encourage our members of Congress to do what is right with respect to getting this vital program reauthorized before it sunsets in September.

The pressure hasn’t always been easy to take, to be sure, but the voices have been steadfast, and the message has been clear and firm: LWCF works for Montana, and our members of Congress need to stand up and get on board with reauthorization before time runs out.

Recently, Daines took a stand; he made a choice to do what he knows to be right for the people and businesses of Montana by deciding to co-sponsor a bill that would permanently reauthorize LWCF before it expires. Together with Sen. Jon Tester – also a co-signer on the bill – they are setting the precedent to lead, and to fight for LWCF because it’s the right thing to do.

Daines is to be thanked, and commended, for backing his words with action, and for supporting this legislation that will permanently reauthorize LWCF. It shows he has listened, and that he stands by what the people of Montana have voiced. Well done, senator.

Dori Gilels, Mamalode
Member of Business for Montana’s Outdoors