What are the Democrats Thinking?

Power, prestige, special interests, greed and deception have gotten the better of many of our elected representatives

By Mark Rice

The esteemed U.S. Senate and House Democrats recently have voted or will vote en bloc. What are the Democrats thinking? On two issues in particular, one wonders if those Democrats who go that way are trapped in a “cult of death?” The word “culture” would be nicer, but “culture” implies civilized, not barbaric.

First, Democrats against defunding the abortion component of Planned Parenthood. How can any civilized, compassionate, humane person vote to perpetuate the barbaric practice of killing unborn, innocent, voiceless babies, who indeed are persons who have a right to life? Certainly not for the needs of non-abortion women’s OB/GYN services. Use those funds instead for the multitude of federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics. Induced and non-induced pluripotent stem cells from living or traumatically deceased adult donors is adequate for health research. Planned Parenthood should be privately funded not publicly funded. Believers in their abortion services should put their money there. I don’t want my tax dollars going to practices I find unconscionable. Instead, clinics like Hope Pregnancy Center and Clear Choice Clinic are good. Certainly adoption/fostering is better than death. Imagine if those over 55 million babies, since 1973, were alive today.

Second, Democrats against stopping the U.S. involvement with Russia, China, France, United Kingdom, Germany and the European Union in the international agreement on the nuclear program of Iran, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed July 14, 2015. While this may delay Iran from developing nuclear weapons, the $100-150 billion unfrozen certainly shall be used by Iranian leadership to promote jihad worldwide, whether by violence and terrorism and much improved conventional military technology or by the subterfuge of Shariah law based on the Koran contrary to the U.S. Bill of Rights, Constitution and English common law based on Christian, Jewish and Roman law. One would think that our Democrat congresspersons would want to keep Iran weak until the moderates in Iran start to govern. That would save many, many lives.

These are causes for term limits. These are causes for delaying the $100-plus billion to Iran until more responsible leadership revokes the current USA involvement in the JCPOA. These are causes to contact and to pray for your senators and representatives (and for our president).

Methinks power, prestige, special interests, greed and deception have gotten the better of many of our elected representatives.

Mark Rice

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