Congress Needs to Stay Diligent in the Fight for LWCF

We commend our Montana leadership on their work to protect LWCF

By Elke Govertsen

The Land and Water Conservation Fund is one of America’s foremost laws for protecting habitat, clean water, and recreational access that is vital to Montana’s communities and businesses. There are endless benefits that this program has shown to our outdoor way of life, and the essential pieces of our landscapes that drive our economy and fuel our innovation.

With a missed deadline for reauthorization that came and went on September 30th, Congress has now sent the conversation for saving this program into overtime, and Montanans across the state are ready to see our delegation lead the way to permanent reauthorization and full funding.

Montana businesses like mine rely on a host of vital elements in their effort to stay relevant and productive in their respective fields. We value the piece of our economy that includes our public lands and access to them, supported enormously by LWCF. Growing both a family and a business in Montana is a choice I am proud to have made, and I think both are better because of this place and these outdoors.

By allowing this fund to lapse, Congress has sent the message to the American people that what they value is not important enough to protect; that what drives their communities and their businesses is not worth their effort to secure once and for all.

We commend our Montana leadership on their work to protect LWCF, but recognize that the fight in protecting the program is far from over. Sen. Jon Tester, Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Ryan Zinke are the voice of the people of Montana and we ask them to continue

 Elke Govertsen
Mamalode, Missoula

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