2016 Election a Defining Point

Largely, Congress is the mouthpiece of the corporations

By Frances Wade

 The 2016 election may be the defining point of this country. We are on the brink of ecological collapse and the overthrow of government of by and for the people. Webster defines “people” as human beings, “corporations” as associations of individuals created by law having a continuous existence irrespective of that of its members. Those seem to be relatively clear-cut definitions. Wonder why the Supreme Court was so easily “persuaded” to declare that corporations were people, with the rights of people. Yet, they so declared, opening up all political offices “for sale to the highest bidder. The supposed representative part of our government that protects the people, no longer does so.

Largely, Congress is the mouthpiece of the corporations, and the people are simply dupes to be placated with an occasional crumb or whipped into a moral frenzy by extremist religious advocates.

When corporations can foul public resources, for their own profits, and face no accountability for the damages they do, the people’s rights become meaningless. If voters allow themselves to be manipulated by politicians who never deliver on their promises, we will continue this spiral into serfdom. Politicians put a patch on a major problem, with promises to really fix it tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. We need to be looking for real answers to problems. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Promises made on the campaign trail are as insubstantial as cotton candy in a downpour, and about as tasty.

One candidate has walked the walk, not blowing in the wind – Bernie Sanders. Largely, an independent, he owns his own soul. He speaks for the people: a living wage, justice for all, real change. He can win, if we use our votes rather than selling them for false promises.

Frances Wade

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