Fighting Terrorism

Same topic, different views

By Tim Baldwin and Joe Carbonari

By Tim Baldwin

President Barack Obama said on Dec. 6 that the “threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it.” Obama said we will fight terrorism abroad by hunting terrorists, training Iraqi and Syrian forces, cooperating with peaceful Muslims, and pursuing cease fires in the Middle East. At home, Obama wants to impose stricter gun laws in America. To beat terrorism, Obama said we should draw from “every aspect of American power.” Notably, however, Obama failed to recognize the primary source of home defense against terrorists: an armed citizenry.

Terrorism, as the world has seen, is unique: there are no uniforms or borders identifying the enemy and no warning. Military and police cannot instantly defend against terrorism in the homeland. Citizens are the only protectors ready and able to first respond in self-defense.

Thankfully, county sheriffs throughout the states recognize this and are openly appealing to citizens to be presently armed. Unfortunately, Obama does not see the value in this crucial line of defense but only gave lip service to how great Americans are and important freedom is.

If Americans are great and freedom is important, we should recognize the necessity and importance of allowing citizens to have the power to protect themselves and others against terrorists who attempt to damage and destroy our natural and constitutional liberties as American citizens. Freedom and life are important, so let citizens protect them.


By Joe Carbonari

If you are not already paying attention to the threat from extremist Islam, it’s time to do so, thoughtfully. While we appear to be close to reversing the Islamic State’s physical, territorial gains in what remains of Iraq and Syria, its international terrorist activities are likely to be expanded and intensified. It will hit us at home, if it can. Its aim is to incite fear, hatred and overreaction. Our job is to show restraint and courage.

We must stay calm, maintain perspective, and remain true to ourselves and to our values. We must tighten security where it is most needed, and balance the convenience and privacy that may be lost against the degree of safety that will be attained. Common sense will override some personal sensibilities; political “correctness” may be reviewed.

The battle against extremists cannot be won militarily. Yes, the Islamic State must be contained, defeated, and disbanded … militarily. The overall battle, however, is an ideological, intellectual one. It is the thinking that must be reversed, contained, and largely exterminated. The thought that someone’s “creator” requires the killing of non-believers is neither rational nor acceptable. Islam must cleanse itself.

We cannot, should not, must not, vilify Islam as a whole, nor its peaceful adherents. It would fuel their fire and belie our own values and humanity. We must lead, and win, by example.