Let’s Assure Safety of Montanans

I am not against any nationality, religion, or race

By Doug Miller

The Federal Government wants Montana to take its share of Syrian refugees. Being a nation of refugees, and sympathetic to the problem, we just want to make sure these are legitimate asylum seekers from a war torn nation.

The feds, having sole authority in this situation, are entrusted with the safety of the citizens (actually, Congress is empowered through Article 1, section 8.) They assure us that the refugees will be thoroughly vetted. Can they really make that claim with assurance?

Last December several news agencies reported that in Syrian cities Isis had seized government passport offices, and was counterfeiting passports for around $400. In fact, some of these passports were found in France after the terrorist attacks.

James Comey, director of the F.B.I., was quoted as saying, “The intelligence community is concerned that Isis has the ability to manufacture fraudulent passports, which is a concern in any setting.”

I am not against any nationality, religion, or race. I am, however, for the safety of the people of Montana. I am here to say stop! It seems obvious that we cannot say who is the refugee, and who might be a terrorist.

Doug Miller

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