Northwest Montana Hunter, Bowhunter Education Instructors Honored

In Region One, more than 300 instructors train about 2,000 students each year

By Beacon Staff
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Hunter and bowhunter education instructors received service awards from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks at the annual Region One instructor workshop on March 5 at Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell.

A total of 44 instructors received service awards ranging from five to 45 years of service. All service award recipients received a plaque. Those with 10 years of service received an engraved knife. Those with 20 years received an FWP belt buckle. Those with 30 years received a voucher for purchase of a firearm. Those with 45 years receive a Filson vest.

A highlight at this year’s workshop was the Instructor of the Year Award presented to Patricia Allick, a longtime bowhunter education Instructor from Kalispell.

For over 28 years, Allick has brought techniques from her career as a teacher into the bowhunter education program. This past year, Allick developed a deer mannequin used in demonstrating field dressing techniques in the classroom and at workshops. Also notable was Phil Crismore’s 45-year award, and Dave Helmrick’s 30-year award.

All hunter and bowhunter education instructors are volunteers for FWP. They provide safety, ethics, and firearms and archery equipment handling training to young students across Montana. In Region One, more than 300 instructors train about 2,000 students each year.

The 2016 Service Awards span hundreds of years of experience and include:

45-year Hunter Education Award: Phil Crismore, Sanders County

35-year Hunter Education Award: Ricky Brabec, Ron Hvizdak, Lincoln County

30-year Hunter Education Award: Dave Helmrick, Lincoln County

25-year Hunter Education Award: Andy Larsson, Lake County; Gary Mocko, Lincoln County

20-year Hunter Education Awards: Don Bothwell, Jeff Moser, Flathead County; Keith Barrows, Rocky Santorno, Lake County; Lisa Brown, Sanders County; Lee Ressler, Lincoln County

20-year Bowhunter Education Awards: Jim Vashro, Bob Windauer, Flathead County

15-year Hunter Education Awards: R.J. Devitt, Ray Garth, Gerry Hurst, Marc Long, Charlie Stafford, Timber Stevens, Flathead County;  Daniel Lilja, Robert Paro, Sanders County

15-year Bowhunter Education Award: Neil Textor, Lincoln County

10-year Hunter Education Awards: Breezy Adams, Kip McKessick, Karen Porteous, Brandy Quimby, Flathead County; Carollee Weisberger, Boss Weisberger, Lincoln County

5-year Hunter Education Awards: Kayli Burback, Larry Keyes, Michael Leib, Kaleb Griepp, Jon Hewitt, Ron Huntsinger, Flathead County;  Jerry Gingerich, Catherine Jenks, Julia Jenks, Robin Jenks, Marshall Moody, Michelle Swagger, Lincoln County.

5-year Bowhunter Education Award: Tim Doll, Marshall Moody, Michelle Swagger, Lincoln County.