Trump and the Desire for Change

Same topic, different views

By Tim Baldwin and Joe Carbonari

By Tim Baldwin

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders represent a burning desire in many Americans for dramatic change – a revolution of sorts. Their rhetoric seemingly appeal to opposing political views, but there is a commonality: asserting more federal government power. How successful could they be if elected?

Our Constitution derives from the consent of the people and is thus democratic in nature, but it is expressly republican with limitations of power on the federal government and reservation of rights in the states and people. Sanders cannot convert our Constitution into socialism. He’d have to convince Congress to fund more government programs. Most Americans cherish private property, individual liberty and financial rewards. Sanders’ socialist agenda would flop in Congress.

Trump claims to be a free market capitalist, but he’s not. He favors government regulation, but this is America’s (Republican Party) history for over a century. To be a successful president, Trump would need to change his persona and rhetoric. For now, he displays characteristics that would make America despised by the world and vulnerable to foreign conflict.

In a Trump-v-Clinton match, the only compelling reason to vote for Trump would be for experimentation. Clinton is a known quantity and offers nothing hopeful to disgruntled Americans, and Trump is the only alternative to beat Clinton. Perception aside, Trump could prove worse than Clinton if his narcissism bears fruit. Maybe then a Libertarian would have a better chance to win in 2020.


By Joe Carbonari

Donald Trump is Mr. Fix-it. You got a problem? He’ll fix it. It will be fast and they will pay.

There are a large number of disgruntled citizens who either do, or can, vote. Many see Donald Trump as hopeful. With Donald Trump in charge, things would certainly change. Many see Donald Trump as an operator. He creates opportunity. For many, opportunity seems to be lacking.

Current leadership does not seem to be interested or able to really get things going. Where there is change there is the opportunity for improvement – a more secure, rewarding life – and with Donald Trump at the helm there are advantages. Others pay. It may also be that with The Donald in charge the concerns of others would less hinder our interests. For those who feel powerless, with the deck stacked against them, a little special advantage would be nice. The Donald is reputed to shuffle well. Woe to the rest.

Internationally, there is unease. Predicting Trump’s moves, the United States’ moves, internationally is un-nerving. Mistakes and accidents could become historical.

Donald Trump may not win the nomination, or election, but the reason for his support, the underlying problem, will remain. If not addressed, it will grow. It requires, and deserves, attention.

Income security is paramount. The economic machine must hum, and all must have a part. Skills training made available for fields of need and opportunity. Bridges built. Roads paved. “Affordable” housing. There is a path.

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