Settlement Reached in Montana Millionaire Jackpot Suit

Town Pump employee sued after man who purchased ticket said he'd split the pot

By Justin Franz

HELENA — A settlement has been reached in the case of a convenience store employee who was sued by a customer who claimed they had a verbal agreement to split the $1 million Montana Millionaire jackpot.

Jeff Fallang had claimed the winnings in January 2015. A week later, Michael Hess sued and sought an order to prevent Fallang from spending half the million-dollar prize.

The Independent Record reports that an agreement was announced in the case this week, canceling a scheduled two-day trial. Hess’s attorney says the settlement amount is confidential.

While the suit was pending, Fallang had been under a court order to keep at least $340,000 in a bank.

Court documents say other Town Pump employees saw Fallang and Hess make the agreement to share the prize money.