Libby’s Johnston Sets State Record; Bigfork Claims First Golf Title

Johnston shoots 8-under 63; Vikings clinch first team championship in school history

One of the best young golfers in the West is now a state champion, too.

Ryggs Johnston, a freshman at Libby High School, captured the Class B crown on Wednesday, firing an 8-under 63 on the final day of the state tournament. Johnston won by six strokes on the Johnny Walker Course at Pryor Creek Golf Club in Huntley.

He finished with a 68-63 — 131, shattering the all-class state record by five strokes. Glacier’s Larry Iverson held the previous best two-round score of 136, which he set in 2008. Three other golfers held the previous best mark in Class B of 139.

The 6-foot-2 prodigy from Libby, who has won back-to-back Montana junior golf titles, will continue competing in state and national tournaments throughout the summer as he has done in the past.

The Bigfork boys brought home hardware, too. The Vikings clinched their first team championship in school history, tallying a team score of 657 to edge Huntley Project, 661.

Bigfork senior Joseph Potkonjak fired 68-73—141 to place third as an individual. Coltono Stodghill carded 81-79—160; Augie Emslie shot 90-87—177; Jonathan Landon hit 88-96—184; and Jacob Haberlock carded 95-91—186.

On the girls side, Tanna Campbell of Big Timber won the individual title and Three Forks claimed the team trophy.



at Pryor Creek GC, John Walker Course, Huntley

Final round


Team scores: 1. Bigfork 327-330—657, 2. Huntley Project 337-324—661, 3. Shelby 325-337—662, 4. Colstrip 329-337—666, 5. Manhattan 332-337—669, 6. Missoula Loyola 341-329—670, 7. Big Timber 341-331—672, 8. Anaconda 345-336—681, 9. Conrad 342-350—692, 10. Choteau 366-365—731, 11. Red Lodge 382-375—757, 12. Malta 409-367—776.

Indviduals: Ryggs Johnston, Libby, 68-63—131; Caleb Stetzner, Anaconda, 69-68—137; Joseph Potkonjak, Bigfork, 68-73—141; Danny Friez, Forsyth, 73-70—143; Jaden Graveley, Townsend, 145; Joey Peter, Manhattan, 71-75—146; Billy Miller, Big Timber, 74-72—146, Colton Hudson, Huntley Project, 72-75—147; Bucky Crippen, Missoula Loyola, 78-72—150; Bridger Martin, Shelby, 77-73—150.

Peter Brown, Colstrip, 75-76—151; Bryce Mocabee, Huntley Project, 78-74—152; Caleb bates, Thompson Falls, 70-82—152; Blake Finn, Big Timber, 78-75—153; Johnny Cielak, Libby, 79-77—156; Lane Bradley, Colstrip, 79-79—158; Scott Demars, Townsend, 81-78—159; Fisher Niemeyer, Ronan, 79-80—159; Coltono Stodghill, Bigfork, 81-79—160; Dylan Beckman, Thompson Falls, 85-75—160.


at Eaglerock GC, Billings

Final round


Team scores: 1. Three Forks 364-367—731, 2. Shelby 389-391—780, 3. Roundup 397-404—801, 4. Missoula Loyola 423-401—824, 5. Thompson Falls 398-431—829, 6. Ronan 409-423—823, 7. Columbus 416-424—840, 8. Conrad 425-419—844, 9. Huntley Project 424-443—867, 10. Glasgow 449-469—918, 11. Forsyth 479-466—945, 12. Wolf Point 492-473—965.

Individuals: Tanna Campbell, Big Timber, 83-81—164 (won playoff); Lynzee Dexter, Townsend, 80-84—164; Skylar Martin, Shelby, 84-82—166; Sydney Rockford, Three Forks, 86-85—171; Tana House, Columbus, 84-88—172; Brooke Jacobs, Thompson Falls, 83-89—172; Shainy Mack, Three Forks, 85-95—180; Mariah Marquez, Three Forks, 91-90—181; Madison Larson, Roundup, 89-95—184; Michaela Larson, Roundup, 91-95—186.

Kyleigh Salois, Conrad, 95-95—190; Lily Feeback, Libby, 98-93—191; Katy Fagg, Missoula Loyola, 100-93—193; Kaitlin Angel, Roundup, 100-97—197; Emma Cranford, Huntley Project, 97-100—197; Megan Vandenacre, Conrad, 99-100—199; Megan Slagter, Baker, 100-100—200; Katie Bieler, Choteau, 100-100—200; Amy Nelson, Glasgow, 97-105—202.