Reward Holmquist’s Quiet Leadership

Our county government is working well

By Rick Blake

Here’s why I urge Republicans to support Pam Holmquist in the primary:

Tenacity: Pam stuck with us doughnut residents even when her colleagues on the county commission got skittish. She held tough until the county took control so that we doughnut residents had representation.

Practical: Pam’s not one for flowery campaigning or speechifying. Without fanfare, she ably handles the county’s business and keeps our taxes low.

Conservative: Pam is the real deal. She spends every taxpayer dollar as if it were her own. She believes in limited government, low taxes, and property rights. She has opposed the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes water compact. She encourages private industry and fights for local jobs.

In short, our county government is working well without scandal or front-page controversies. No drama and quiet leadership is good and should be rewarded.

Let’s keep Pam!

Rick Blake