Trump, Foreign Policy and Terrorism

Same topic, different views

By Tim Baldwin and Joe Carbonari

By Tim Baldwin

After the recent mass shooting in Orlando, Florida at a popular gay nightclub, Donald Trump seized the opportunity to express his reaction.

Among other things, Trump stated that America’s safety from terrorism depends on closing the border to Muslims; told Obama to resign if he did not identify the attack as radical Islam; predicted this will happen again if we do not get “tough and smart;” and said he will be a president who protects America as a tolerant society.

Trump’s popularity comes from a basic distrust in establishment politics. Trump may become president on this factor alone. It would certainly be an experiment in politics –one unlike America has seen in a very long time.

Trump’s election could create a release valve for much of the pressure that exists domestically, but as for foreign relations, Trump could create more havoc than Trump supporters bargained for. On this score, Ron Paul gives Trump an F rating and claims he would never vote for Trump because of his authoritarian style.

Is Trump dangerous for America? Will he provoke war with Russia or China? Some think so. The problem is, for many who think Trump may be dangerous, they will never vote for Clinton. What to do?

By Joe Carbonari

Donald Trump is too dangerous to support for president. To support him is not conservative. It is risky, too risky. Braggadocio is not diplomacy. It does not serve. It invites disrespect and distaste in return. It leads to disorder and violence. Cataclysmic warfare is a very real possibility. Donald Trump is existentially unacceptable.

Morally, the influence of Donald Trump is probably worse. It strikes at the foundation of our selves and of our social contract – what it means to be an American. It leads to a demeaning of ourselves and what we represent to the rest of the world. It makes us less great. We may be weaker and less effective than desired in the world, but at least we purport to play fair and show respect for others.

The Trump approach does not. It is big-shouldered and sharp-elbowed. The faint-of-heart will struggle. Disorder will grow. This does not serve.

The support of Donald Trump is not a conservative action. Any fool can wave a flag. The Trump approach is more of what gave us the greed of pre-recession Wall Street and the hate shooting in Orlando. They are overreaches of personal freedoms, loosenings of self discipline. They stem from a lack of respect for others, and cause disruptions in the social order. This does not serve us well, or make us great.

Many Montanans support Donald Trump. Let’s all give it some deep thought.

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