Gun Laws

Same topic, different views

By Tim Baldwin and Joe Carbonari

By Tim Baldwin

The Orlando shooting prompted some politicians to propose a fix, including completely banning certain kinds of firearms. This is not the answer.

First, the right to bear arms is a personal right under the Second Amendment, as the United States Supreme Court has solidly ruled. Second, common sense and human history demonstrate that an armed citizenry is necessary to defend against oppression: whether by criminals, terrorists or tyrants.

Third, laws will not stop insane people who are determined to kill innocent people. Many of these killers kill themselves or plan to be killed in the conflict. Rational thinking means nothing to insane people.

Fourth, not all bad can be prevented, given the fallible condition of humans. For example, we do not ban cars and alcohol even though we know drunk drivers will kill many more innocent people each year, nor do we require vehicles to be equipped with breath test devices before allowing the vehicle to start. Why? because we prioritize liberty and do not take away the rights of 99.99 percent of the population in an attempt to prevent a tragedy caused by a few irresponsible.

Taking away our constitutional rights is not the answer to solving problems of violence. Having a proactive and responsible citizenry is a much better answer.

By Joe Carbonari

Empty-headed idiots? No. Doe-eyed socialists preparing for revolution? No. Even the majority of the more extreme in the gun debate are generally decent, average folks. We disagree on which of the pluses and minuses relating to guns are most important, or exist at all. Where you live affects how you see things in this balance.

Generally speaking, gun violence, accidental or deliberate, is less of a threat in rural areas than in population centers. How much of our gun “rights,” as determined by us, ourselves, are we willing to give up to help the folks in the cities get their gun violence under control? None? Really?

Currently under consideration in the U. S. Senate are four legislative initiatives that attempt to deal with the various pieces of the problems involved. They will not, by themselves, make the streets safe from gun violence, homegrown or from afar. They offer an opportunity for improvement.

There is an effort to use the no-fly and other terrorist-related data bases to keep the bad guys from using guns and explosives on us. From our “ghettos” to our towers, our risks have changed.

High volume gun traffic using the internet is also a problem. Gun shows and the internet both provide access and anonymity. Gun shows are more local. They are entertainment and they facilitate trade. Still, they may be asked to check some lists.

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