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Inspire Hope 2016 has a Lifesaving Act

Band of six cancer surgeons play at Inspire Hope 2016

N.E.D., an acclaimed rock-band of six surgeons, will play at Inspire Hope 2016, a red carpet fundraiser for the Flathead Cancer Aid Services.

“The highlight of the night will be the N.E.D.’s performance” Ming Lovejoy, event coordinator, said. “It’s one that people are greatly anticipating.”

N.E.D., or No Evidence of Disease, aims to heal not only through surgery, but also through the art of music, according to the group. One of the band’s guitarist, William Winter, M.D., says that there is art in medicine, the way it is in surgery; art is in caring for a cancer patient, they same way it is in music.

The band’s songs are meant to empower cancer patients and offer a community of support. The band has received national acclaim by media outlets such as Forbes, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

“The occasion will entertain and delight with the events we have in store,” Lovejoy said. With a garden patio reception, an aerial show, and live music throughout the night, Inspire Hope 2016 will raise awareness and money for the Flathead Cancer Aid Services, according to Lovejoy.

“We aim to create unique events that show the impact of health issues as well as galvanize the community and local businesses involvement,” Lovejoy said. “We’re deeply excited to the Flathead Cancer Aid Services.”

The organization aids with the financial impact on cancer patients, according to Lovejoy.

“It helps patients pay their rent or their mortgage – the bills that get overlooked when cancer is in the picture,” Lovejoy said. “People don’t get cancer, families do.”

All proceeds of the fundraiser will go to the Flathead Cancer Aid Services. Tickets for Inspire Hope 2016 include dinner, one drink ticket, and access to all of the night’s entertainment.

Tickets are $50 or $100 for premier seating during N.E.D.’s concert. Tickets can be purchased through Ming Lovejoy, who can be reached at 406-212-2927. Inspire Hope 2016 will be hosted at the O’Shaughnessy on July 2 at 5:30 p.m.