Family Hospitalized After Boat Explosion on Swan Lake

An explosion erupted onboard, lighting almost everyone on fire Saturday

By Beacon Staff

Three children were hospitalized with serious burns after an explosion erupted on a boat floating on Swan Lake last weekend.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an explosion on the lake at roughly 5 p.m., Saturday.

According to Josiah Wagoner, his brother David Wagoner was out fishing on Swan Lake with his wife, Kylie, their baby daughter, a 4-year-old son, a 6-year-old nephew, two 10-year-old twin nieces and a 14-year-old sister.

When the group prepared to return to shore, an explosion erupted, lighting almost everyone onboard on fire, according to Josiah Wagoner.

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office another boater was able to help retrieve the family after they were thrown in the water and get them to shore.

The 10-year-old sisters and the 6-year-old nephew were flown to Seattle, Washington, where they are being treated with severe burns, according to Josiah Wagoner. David Wagoner and the 14-year-old sister were able to return home after being treated with burns on their legs, feet and hands, but are now on their way to Seattle due to the severity of their burns, according to Josiah Wagoner.

The cause of the explosion remains under investigation.

Josiah Wagoner has set up a page collecting funds for the family’s travel expenses.

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