Gianforte’s Misleading Fliers

Bullock has promoted a growing economy and defended our public lands

By Jerry Reckin

Multimillionaire Greg Gianforte is a classic example of the age-old adage “buying the election” He has already put about one million dollars of his own money into his campaign and with his very wealthy supporters from Montana and outside our state his chances are very good. All he has to offer is typical campaign rhetoric and empty promises. His TV efforts to discredit our current Gov. Steve Bullock are examples of attempting to make his opponent look bad. Gianforte’s criticism of Bullock over the Congolese refugees sent to Missoula, over which he has no control, is another example of political smear tactics. All of the refugees bound for Montana have been vetted by the United Nations and the U.S. Department of State and Homeland Security are from Africa and none from the Middle East. Gianforte’s fliers and TV ads show Bullock pictured under an armed man whose face is covered by a kaffiyeh with the words “Governor Bullock supports bringing Syrian refugees into Montana”. Thus, another misleading lie by Gianforte. What are his motives in his attempt to “take over” Montana? He is promising $90,000 a year jobs and the growth of big business. As a middle class Montanan I think we are doing very well, thank you, under the leadership of Bullock. Gianforte’s desire to change Montana does not resonate well with most of us who love the state and its life style. I have to believe that Montanans are too intelligent to fall for the rich and famous effort to take over our state. Montana is one state that has no debt and a solid reserve fund for rainy days. Jobs are plentiful and small business growth is expanding at an unprecedented rate. I ask you, why fix it if its not broken? Steve Bullock has promoted a growing economy and defended our public lands against those who would like to privatize it. He is a middle class Montana native and understands its people and life style. There is no way Bullock can match the money of the very wealthy, however, he has an excellent record for success and accomplishment as Governor and a great plan for the future. Let’s hope his excellent record can offset the wealth and influence.

Jerry Reckin

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