The Deplorables

Analyzing Hillary Clinton's comments on Trump supporters

By Tim Baldwin and Joe Carbonari

Tim Baldwin

Clinton said she could “put half of Trump’s supporters into what [she] call[s] the ‘basket of deplorables.’” In truth, most Americans looking at the 2016 election are saying, our political leaders are what’s deplorable. This is why Trump became popular in the first place. Clinton attacked the wrong people.

The constitutional history of the United States demonstrates how political power continually shifts to the federal government, away from state and local authority. This has given federal politicians tremendous power, yet they are the least connected to the people. Their interests have become more closely aligned with corporate elites, globalists, and foreign powers. This trend will not be fixed by one presidential election. It will take change in the constitutional system.

Meanwhile, Clinton’s apparent health problems have raised questions as to her fitness to be president. Clinton’s attack on Trump supporters and her health may give Trump the edge he needs to get elected, though there is still the “X” factor of Gary Johnson, who poses a significant threat if he is allowed to enter the debates.

Politics has traditionally caused division among people, but it can be done civilly. When a presidential candidate attacks the people, a line has been crossed. This is why people see politicians as deplorable.

Joe Carbonari

Hillary Clinton’s use of the term “deplorables” to characterize a large portion of Donald Trump supporters is unfortunate and counterproductive. The context and use of the term suggests that the campaign has decided that about half of Trump’s supporters aren’t worthy of consideration, that they are “undesirables.” This suggests that they are unlikely to receive much positive attention should Hillary win.

It plays into the belief, shared by many of us, regardless of partisan preference, that the system is “rigged” in favor of the “haves” over the “have nots.” If you have capital, you have opportunity. If you have the right sort of education, or social standing, you have opportunity. If not, the temptation to cut a few corners, to take care of oneself at the expense of others, particularly those differing from you, increasingly beckons. In an unfair system you will likely lose if you play by the rules. On the street it’s the “losers” vs. the “wise guys.” Trump hangs with the “wise guys.”

The “wise guys” are not “wise men.” They tend to swagger more and know less, but they do take action … they are willing to mix it up and make some changes. There are often tinges of the deplorable involved. Violence also is often involved. Strong, unwise leaders invite death and destruction. On the way, they can make those in their societies more prone to lying, cheating and stealing. Good people can be lead astray. Choose your change carefully. Morality matters.

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