Support Trap Free Public Lands

It’s up to the concerned citizens of Montana to vote “Yes’’ on passing I-177

By Vicky Kasala

Daily I pass by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks building in Kalispell. Earlier this year my heart sank when I noticed posted on the marquee sign outside was information on when to enroll kids in a “Wildlife Trapping Camp.” In this class, children are primarily taught how to trap wild animals for recreation.

Rather than teaching children the sport of animal trapping we should instead encourage them to view wild animals as symbols of strength and inspiration. After all, they are viewed as heroes of movies and are team mascots for their schools. In the Walt Disney classic film “101 Dalmatians “ the villain of the story sought out Dalmatian puppies for the sole purpose of using their fur to make fashionable coats. The character was named “Cruella De Vil.” If you delete “la” in “Cruella” her name becomes “Cruel Devil.” Thankfully she was apprehended by authorities and the Dalmatians lived happily ever after. I know dogs are considered domestic animals but the point I’m making is that it’s horrible to think that anyone would want to kill an animal for their fur in the 21st century.

“Montana Trap Free Public Lands” is an initiative that wants to protect wildlife from the archaic philosophy of killing wild animals for profit or sport. On Nov. 8 it’s up to the concerned citizens of Montana to vote “Yes’’ on passing I-177.

Vicky Kasala

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