Rosendale’s Integrity Needed in Helena

As a successful businessman, Matt showed leadership and vision

By Mary J McCracken

With issues that are affecting all of us like healthcare, workers’ compensation, education and policies that impose on the ability of Montanans to do business and be productive, we need Matt Rosendale as state auditor.

As a successful businessman, Matt showed leadership and vision. His employees were contract employees who chose to do business with him. He created and nurtured an environment of teamwork in which everyone worked together to achieve their goals.

As a state senator he worked to get transparency in medical costs, he worked to lower workers compensation costs, he worked across the aisle on the issue of education funding and successfully passed SB196 prohibiting any personal data gathered from drones to be used in a courtroom unless the data collected was with a search warrant. Matt has also been a key player in passing previous legislation regarding data collection and personal privacy.

I know Matt, and I have worked with Matt on issues in Helena. He studies and understands the issues that he faces. He has the ability to work with both sides, not just to find a solution, but to find a solution that is beneficial long term.

Matt Rosendale has proven himself in his business career, in his years in office as a senator, as steward of personal property rights, and as dedicated family man. His professionalism and integrity are what we need in Helena!

Elect Matt Rosendale as Montana state auditor.

Mary J McCracken

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