Elect Bech for Reason and Common Sense

I ask that you vote for someone who speaks truth and compassion

By Marlene Anderson

Derek Skees does not represent District 11. He was one of the outspoken speakers at the recent Flathead Chapter of ACT! For America. This organization states they are “rising in defense of our security, our liberty, and our values.” This organization is arguing that Islam is being taught in public school curriculum and textbooks. Derek Skees is in support of an organization that is one of the biggest anti-Muslim hate groups operating in America today. This is not the kind of person nor the kind of values that represent the people of District 11.

As a longtime employee in the rural schools, including those in District 11 (Lakeside and Somers), I can confidently report that our K-8 schools are not teaching Islam in any form. We are working diligently to teach reading, writing and mathematics to all of our students. We are also teaching our students to be kind to one another and to help each other.

In the midst of fear-inciting political candidates, we need to elect someone to represent the entirety of District 11. We need to elect someone who can speak with reason and common sense, someone who can support the values of kindness and compassion, not hate. I encourage you to elect Eileen Bech to represent you. I invite you to visit her website at eileenbechhd11.com. I ask that you vote for someone who speaks truth and compassion, someone who listens to others, and responds with reason and intelligence.

Marlene Anderson

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