Support Sanderfur for Fairness and Decency

Hopefully, voters will see beyond the nastiness

By Tom Harding

Last week, our home received another political mailing. Nothing different about that in this political season, except the mailing came from Jake Eaton, “Treasurer of STOPSETEMFREESANDERFUR” in Billings. The mailing borders (if it doesn’t crossover) the line into legal slander. A search reveals that Eaton’s “business operation” most likely vacuums up loads of “out-of-state money” to fund such attack ads. All Montanans should cast shame on the people who treat our political system with such disrespect, simply for the money and to win at any cost, the rules of decency be damned.

Dirk Sanderfur has served the public as a District Court judge for more than a decade and is respected across the political aisle. Kristen Juras should be rebut this attack on Dirk Sanderfur. There is no place for such nasty attack ads in Montana’s Supreme Court races. Hopefully, voters will see beyond the nastiness of this attack and appreciate Dirk Sanderfur’s years of public service.

I personally urge folks to cast their vote for Sanderfur in the Supreme Court’s contested race. This mailing is, very simply, a step beyond Montana’s traditions of fairness and decency.

Tom Harding

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