Some Great Choices on Nov. 8

I urge you to vote for Taylor, Chet, Greg, Rick and Kristen on Nov. 8

By Julie Dockery

We have some great choices in this November election! Individuals who are pro-life, pro-Second Amendment (they understanding it is not only for hunting, but also for the self-defense of the American people), and anti-big government. Taylor Rose for state representative House District 3 and Chet Billi for House District 5 certainly fall into that category. Greg Gianforte is also the obvious right choice for governor. He strongly supports the Second Amendment and the right to life from conception to natural death.

Greg has worked in the private sector and has created jobs. Current Gov. Steve Bullock is completely opposite of all of these things, and he has the voting record to prove it. Get Bullock out of here, and let’s replace him with Greg Gianforte, who will protect our constitutional rights!

Rick Breckenridge, running for U.S. Congress, is a pro-life Libertarian who is against these unlawful wars of aggression and who understands the limits of government as outlined in our U.S. Constitution. As a land surveyor, he knows more about private and public land law than any other candidate. He is ex-military and loves America. Rick’s ex-wife (a personal friend of mine) endorses him, and so should you!

Rick is running against current U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke. Ryan is a big-government Neocon, pro-abortion, pro-aggressive overseas wars, and pro-police state. Vote for Rick, and let’s get Zinke out!

Kristen Juras, as a Supreme Court Justice will honestly, fairly and impartially apply the law to whatever cases are brought before her. She will be a major component to our state’s economy. I urge you to vote for Taylor, Chet, Greg, Rick and Kristen on Nov. 8.

Julie Dockery

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