Hartman Will Fairly Represent Senate District 3

Melissa is an intelligent and engaged community member

By Marlene Snyder

The national presidential campaigns have taken a lot of attention away from careful consideration of Montana’s state races. The way Montana’s legislators vote has a direct impact on our everyday lives and the future of our great state. Here are some reasons that Melissa Hartman is the right choice for Senate District 3.

With a background in social work in both hospital and school settings, Melissa understands the importance of access to healthcare for Montana’s children and families. She also understands the importance of addressing critical mental health and addiction treatment needs in our community. Montana’s high rate of deaths by suicide and our local area’s rate of babies born drug addicted are examples of the needs to be addressed. Keith Regier’s record, however, includes voting against critical funding for the Children’s Healthcare Insurance Program (HB157, Feb. 3, 2009), and against Montana’s Medicaid expansion (SB405, April 11, 2015) both votes impacting low-income families.

Melissa supports passing a comprehensive infrastructure bill to address the state’s critical infrastructure needs. Her opponent voted against the recent bipartisian infrastructure bill (SB416, April 27, 2015) which could have provided hundreds of good paying jobs for Montanans.

Melissa strongly supports maintaining public access to public lands whereas her opponent voted in support of transferring public lands to the state (HJ19, February 23, 2015). This would create a tremendous financial burden for the state and put public lands in danger of being sold to the highest bidder later.

Finally, Melissa firmly believes that campaign finance should be transparent and that corporations are not people. Her opponent takes the opposing view (HB217, April 4, 2013; SB289, March 28, 2015; and HJ6, Feb. 27, 2013).

Melissa is an intelligent and engaged community member who will listen to and fairly represent the citizens of Senate District 3.

Marlene Snyder

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