Let’s Talk Truth About I-177

I-177 seeks to stop trapping on public lands only

By Robert Lance

Some people say this initiative would lead to removing hunting and fishing rights. I’m 70 years old and have been down this road before. When I lived in Arizona over 25 years ago an initiative came up to ban trapping and there was the same talk how it would lead to the end of hunting. Wrong! After it passed it had absolutely no impact on our right to hunt or fish. Nobody even talked about going after hunting and fishing because that initiative passed.

I-177 seeks to stop trapping on public lands only. People who foster talk about an attack on hunting rights, I believe, seek only to divert attention from the real issue which is the inhumane treatment of wild animals. We do not allow people to mistreat horses or dogs or other animals on their own property. Do you really have less respect for wild animals who make their own way, fend for themselves and do a good job until they stumble in to a baited 17th century style mechanical steel trap?

What is trapping about? Fur pelts? Seriously? Who really needs that in this day.

We need more to respect our own decency and good will.

Every hunter I have known expressed the desire to make a quick kill and cause no undue suffering. As I grew up this was a creed. My father wouldn’t take a shot if he wasn’t sure he could make a quick kill without suffering. But trapped animals endure unbelievable pain and long suffering for days or weeks. I believe we have come to an understanding where this is beneath the dignity of a reasonable human being. It’s just not worth it. Come on you sports men and women of today, step up and vote yes on 1-177.

Robert Lance

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