Rose Understands Montana’s Sovereignty

HD3, please show up and vote for Taylor Rose on Nov. 8

By Vivian Allen

I was disappointed in the “representation” I received last legislative session from Zac Perry. I was in contact with Zac on numbers of issues.

I and others from the district sent Zac cohesive, worrisome information and analysis on SB262, the Water Compact bill this last session, stripping Montana of her waters and water rights, placing them in the hands of feds and tribal councils.

When the Water Compact went to the House, Zac voted for it, giving ultimate sovereignty of Hungry Horse Reservoir to the tribes. Zac’s response to us his constituents was thanks and had we read the Compact.

Now we learn Zac is on record co-signing a letter with a Missoula senator stating he supports settling Syrian refugees into Montana. Does anyone see a picture here?

Taylor Rose understands Montana’s sovereignty and her inalienable right to govern herself and her own resources.

Parent, do you believe faceless bureaucrats 2,000 miles away should be in charge of your child’s education? Zac believes they’re more trustworthy than you, parent, and he voted yes to them and no to you on two bills stripping you of your rights (HB377 and HB501).

Taylor believes parents have the right to govern their children’s education.

How about your life itself? In March 2015, Zac voted no on the Human Life bill, HB425, designed to protect the young, elderly, and other vulnerable citizens of Montana from predation.

Taylor believes we not only have the right to protect and defend ourselves as individuals when assaulted by those intending to deprive us of life, limb or property, we also have a right to enjoy shooting sports. Zac got an F (twice) from the Montana Shooting Sports Association, and an F rating from the NRA.

HD3, please show up and vote for Taylor Rose on Nov. 8.

Vivian Allen
Hungry Horse

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