Radicals in the Streets

For too long the non-producers have taken over the Democratic Party

By Ed Butcher

Thousands of people are marching in highly organized mass protests across America. They obviously are not working for a living – so who is feeding, clothing, and housing these radicals who are railing against the society supporting their “lifestyle?”

The answer is simple – those who do work! In most cases they are the taxpayers who go to work every day and from whom the government takes the first four months of their income each year to carry the burden of financing this “land of milk and honey!”

These demonstrators were so well organized that within a day of the election they appeared on American streets with fancy pre-printed signs to denounce the American way of life. These are primarily “welfare bums,” college students (is that redundant?) and “refugees” receiving average annual benefits of $29,000 each from American workers so they can sit around or destroy private property protesting the hands that feed them.

The bulk of the demonstrators come from the ranks of college students; or young adults living at home while being supported by stupid parents and grandparents who indulge these spoiled “intellectuals!” Young people who have spent years being “educated” in socialism while getting useless degrees for the job market – or are just too lazy to work and continue as social parasites living in their parents’ basements on the internet while drinking beer, having sex and drugs.

It has taken years for this deterioration of the “great American experiment in self-governance.” As a historian, I would pinpoint the origin of the decline of our Founding Fathers’ “Republic” to allowing those without a “means of financial support” to vote. To return stability to the election and governing process, states need to require anyone registering to vote to demonstrate some level of employment. Only those supporting the government should be allowed to select our representatives to govern. Keep in mind that America is a “Republic” and not a “Democracy” – there is a difference!

For too long the non-producers have taken over the Democratic Party with their radical leftist coalition. The time has arrived to end the dependent class determining our governing system!

Ed Butcher, former state senator

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