Speak Out Against Racism

It is disturbing that the president-elect has appointed an “alt-right” sympathizer

By Gene Sentz

Regarding your Nov. 22 article (“The Rise of the ‘Alt-Right’”) about “alt-right” Richard Spencer and his white supremacist National Policy Institute, at a recent rally in Washington, D.C., Spencer chanted “Hail Trump” while his supporters held up their arms in a salute reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazis. It is disturbing that the president-elect has appointed another “alt-right” sympathizer, far-right Breitbart News editor Stephen Bannon, as a top White House adviser. The opinions of Spencer and Bannon do not represent the values that America stands for. If most Trump supporters voted for him because of economic concerns and not for the outlandish statements he made during the campaign, they, along with all Americans, should speak out forcefully against racist and xenophobic sentiments.

Gene Sentz

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