Thanks for Rounding Up

Flathead Electric awarded $2,000 toward the Museum’s total bill

By Charlie McFarland

On behalf of the Heritage Museum in Libby, I would like to thank all the businesses and individuals who have contributed to Flathead Electric’s “Roundup for Safety” program. This program fosters a safe environment for our communities. The Heritage Museum’s fire alarm system was inspected this year and found to be not in compliance with the 2012 International fire Code approved fire protection plan. The Museum needed $3,877 to complete the work to make the building compliant. Upon application to the Roundup for Safety Program, Flathead Electric awarded $2,000 toward the Museum’s total bill. The work on the alarm system has now been completed and the Museum building is again in compliance with code. Visitors to the museum, during the recent holiday bazaar and open houses, were in a safer environment. In addition, the artifacts that are preserved in the museum, for the historical education of future generations, are adequately protected.

Charlie McFarland, board president
Heritage Museum

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