Insurance Commissioner: ‘Repeal and Replace’ Won’t Come Soon

Commissioner Matthew Rosendale spoke Wednesday to lawmakers, state officials and insurance company representatives

By Associated Press

HELENA – Montana’s insurance commissioner says there likely won’t be any changes to the federal health care law that would require the state to change its own laws before April.

Commissioner Matthew Rosendale made his comments Wednesday to a group of lawmakers, state officials and insurance company representatives.

The group met on how to prepare for possible changes to the Affordable Care Act by Congress and President-elect Donald Trump.

Rosendale says he’s been receiving updates from the state’s congressional delegation. He says Montana’s legislative session could be nearing its end by the time Congress takes substantive action.

The working group did not come up with any immediate plans or recommendations.

Bruce Spencer of the trade association America’s Health Insurance Plans asked state officials not to take any action that would create confusion and increase costs before Congress acts.