Character and Morality Matter

Remember that we all want the same basic things

By Nancy Teggeman

As president, you will be hugely successful and popular if you achieve the following: Think deeply. Listen intently. Divest completely. Read some books. Open your mind and heart. Consider all sentient beings as deserving of respect, including women, the disabled, immigrants, Muslims, blacks, Mexicans, actors, journalists, intelligence agents, the poor, the LGBT community and any other marginalized people. Listen to the scientists on climate change. Listen to women on equal rights. Support and fund Planned Parenthood. Listen intently to advisors on foreign policy. Be very careful. Revamp the welfare system. Give those folks boots so they can find their boot straps. Keep public lands public, so we all can enjoy them. Tweak the health care system so we all have access and affordability. Work with Mexico on a reasonable alternative solution to “the wall.” Keep government transparent. Communicate in a mature manner. Take steps to heal the nation. Build trust. Build respect. Build pride and optimism.

Above all, remember that we all want the same basic things: good jobs, good health, a good education, successful children, a thriving environment and public safety. Remember that all of us are important as human beings. Remember that character, morality and manners matter. And especially, realize that America is already great and always has been. Always.

Nancy Teggeman

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