Tester Should Vote to Confirm Devos

DeVos is absolutely qualified to be education secretary

By Lori Hamm

The promise to make America great again starts with improving education. Betsy DeVos, the nominee to be the next education secretary, has spent nearly 30 years fighting against special interests. Sen. Jon Tester must vote to confirm her so she can bring that experience to Washington to fight for all of the children in our country.

As head of the American Federation for Children, DeVos embodies the organization’s motto that “an investment in their work is an investment in our children’s future.” She has championed parental choice, charter schools and vouchers. In fact, she and her husband founded a charter school in Michigan that consistently performs among the top schools in that state.

DeVos is absolutely qualified to be education secretary, and you need look no further to the hysterical fits special interest groups are pitching to know that she will be a force for reform in education. I strongly encourage Sen. Tester to vote in favor of her confirmation.

Lori Hamm
East Helena