The Danger of Trump’s Untruths

Almost daily Trump makes statements that are untrue

By Jerry Reckin

Apparently President Donald Trump believes his own stretching of the truth and outright lies. This is truly symptomatic of a pathological liar. Almost daily he makes statements that are untrue. Here are a few examples:

Trump: “I was first in my class a Wharton College.” Fact: There were 46 names on the dean’s list and his was not one of them.

Trump: “I’m the most effective president ever.” Fact: First 30 days were a disaster and unproductive.

Trump: “My approval rating is 55 percent.” Fact: The last 10 polls show rating between 39 percent and 44 percent.

Trump: In Sweden, because of 160,000 asylum seekers, windows were broken and fires were started, and a surge in gun violence and rape occurred.

Fact: Swedish Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Catarina Axelsson stated there were no “terror-linked major incidents.” Swedish radio reported Feb. 19 that there is danger in how Trump relates to facts. “If we are in a situation where there is tension in the world, we stand between war and peace. If we then have a president who speaks of false rumors, it can be truly dangerous.”

Each weekend when Trump fly’s to his lavish complex Mar-a-Largo in Florida to play golf and meet with his top aides more fiction appears. In addition, each trip costs the taxpayers millions of dollars for travel, security and other expenses. Trump is a dangerous embarrassment for our country and our people. He has alienated many former allies with his rude and crude behavior.

Unfortunately, Montana representatives in the government support this individual. They are U.S. Sen. Steve Daines and Congressman Ryan Zinke.

Jerry Reckin

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