Leftists Fear Loss of Political Power

Trump's agenda makes sense to most rational Americans

By Philip L. Barney

Refusing to recognize and accept that Hillary Clinton was a corrupt, dishonest, flawed candidate with no message for improving the U.S., the Socialist Democratic Party (SDP), Mainstream Media, Hollywood elite and other radical left-wing groups are promoting the myth that Russia influenced the election and hysterically conducting a vicious, distorted assault on President Donald Trump and his agenda. SDP Congressional leaders, including our own Jon Tester, are using the most vile, disrespectful, derogatory hate speech against the president, and obstructing approval of his appointees to disrupt and delay his effective governing.

Apparently motivated primarily by fear and panic at the loss of political power, the leftists oppose the president’s agenda, which includes:

1) Creation of more jobs, higher wages and keeping jobs in the U.S.

2) Deporting criminal illegal aliens to protect American citizens from violent crimes.

3) Tax reform with lower taxes.

4) Enforcing immigration laws and controlling our borders.

5) Assuring that refugees from countries identified as exporting terrorism are properly vetted before entering the United States.

6) Elimination of regulations that unnecessarily stifle the American economy.

7) Repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and replace it with a market-driven model.

8) Balancing the Federal budget.

9) Investing in infrastructure.

This agenda makes sense to most rational Americans, who also believe that the president should be given a chance to achieve these goals. It is the kind of change we deserve.

Philip L. Barney

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