Music to Our Ears

Consider what is best for your state and country and vote with an open mind

By Nancy and Gary Teggeman

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…..” (Henry V). It was music to our ears to hear Rob Quist speak at a recent gathering at the Vine and Tap in Polson. If elected to Congress, he stated that a priority would be to work on the committee for veterans, helping them to heal from PTSD and other ailments by forming local bands with music as a healing agent.

Other issues Rob would fight for include keeping public lands public and strengthening public schools. He wants to get rid of dark money, including overturning Citizens United. As a small businessman, he wants to help Montana families succeed. Access to health care is another priority.

When we met Rob Quist, he came across as a genuine, down-to-earth guy; a refreshing man of integrity who cares about all Montanans. While Greg Gianforte is trying to buy another political race by pelting the airwaves with continual mud slinging funded by out-of-state PAC money, Rob Quist is gathering support by visiting small towns all across the state. He is one of us.

Consider what is best for your state and country and vote with an open mind. If you care about character and strong values, vote for Rob Quist. He will be an independent voice for all Montanans. That should be music to our ears.

Nancy and Gary Teggeman