Montana House Advances Bill Against Aborting Viable Fetuses

The Senate has already passed a similar measure

By Molly Priddy

HELENA — An anti-abortion bill that would force doctors to save a potentially viable fetus is a step closer to the governor’s desk.

On a vote of 60-40, the Montana House on Wednesday moved forward on a ban on abortions if there is a better-than-half probability that a fetus can survive outside a mother’s womb.

During debate, legislators spoke of the anguish over difficult pregnancies and decisions — their own or that of friends and family.

The Senate has already passed a similar measure. It is one of three anti-abortion bills in the Legislature, including one seeking to ask voters to accord state constitutional rights to a woman’s fertilized egg at the moment of conception.

Those opposed to the bills say the proposals would strip a woman’s right to an abortion.