Rob Quist is Best for Montana

Rob Quist was selected to be our next representative because he truly cares about Montana

Charles Wardle’s recent viewpoint in the Beacon was very upsetting to me. My grandparents homesteaded near the Flathead Mine and as a native, born and raised in Montana, I have spent almost 70 years here.

Rob Quist was selected to be our next representative because he truly cares about Montana, not simply due to his celebrity status and personhood.

Rob Quist wants Montanans to continue to have access to their public lands to hunt, hike, and fish as they have done their entire lives. He knows that the Department of Agriculture helps Montana farmers and ranchers and that together with the Department of Interior these departments provide environmental protection for our public lands and parks.

While traveling across Montana to listen to the concerns of citizens in over 40 counties, Rob Quist has held town hall meetings about public lands and health care. I attended one of the meetings about healthcare and some of the stories made me want to cry. Rob has had first hand experience with medical challenges and is well aware of the importance of maintaining a level of affordable healthcare that is necessary to serve the needs of Montana citizens.

Rob Quist knows how important programs such as “Meals on Wheels” are to seniors. My parents benefited from this program and many of the people that brought meals to them also came to their funerals.

Unfortunately, Mr. Wardle’s support for Rob Quist’s opponent is misplaced. He is really not for Montana. He and his wealthy supporters look at our streams and mountains as business opportunities and they favor selling our public lands. Although he brags about bringing jobs to Montana he has actually moved those jobs overseas. While Rob Quist has been traveling all across Montana listening to citizens, his opponent has been hanging out with his wealthy contributors in Washington, D.C., creating negative TV ads. He is definitely not qualified to represent Montanans.

JoAnn Paullin