Let’s Start Building Montana

The American Dream is not more social programs

By Sjaan Vincent

I am writing this letter in support of Greg Gianforte for several reasons, among them being his record of success. Greg Gianforte went from mowing lawns as a child to building a very successful business, creating more than 500 high-paying Montana jobs.

The American Dream is not more social programs, it’s not free stuff. It’s time to roll back suffocating regulations heaped on us by an out of control federal government that is out of touch with Montana. We need new jobs to meet the challenges of the twenty first century.

Greg understands high-tech industry and the potential it holds for Montana. He spoke to me of the importance of creating good-paying jobs to help keep our young people in Montana. The lack of good-paying jobs forces people to choose between their home and their dreams. Greg has stated “we need to start building Montana and stop exporting our kids.” As a parent of one of those exported kids we understand exactly what he is talking about.

Greg Gianforte brings the right combination of positive job creation experience and a solid work ethic to help create Montana jobs for Montana people. Please support Greg Gianforte for Congress.

Sjaan Vincent