We Don’t Need Another Millionaire in Washington

Rob is a real Montanan who will represent the rest of us

By Edd Blackler

It is very disappointing to realize that some people are so easily influenced by stories that try to put a candidate in a negative light. Too often a negative article written by someone who has been compensated by a wealthy candidate provides unsubstantiated information that undiscerning readers take as truth without ever checking the facts.

Anyone who may be having misgivings about Rob Quist because of a story about his past financial history should take time to consider the fact that they may have experienced similar challenges themselves.

A professional entertainer does not have the luxury of a predictable steady income. Even with the most careful judicious financial planning one can muster as an entertainer, an unexpected medical situation can create serious challenges.

Rob Quist was faced with just such a problem when a gull bladder procedure went badly and his wife also had some medical problems. They had to deal with the loss of insurance during this time as well.

People should know that all of the debts that were referenced in the article that was published originally in the Billings Gazette have been paid. It obviously took some time but there was never any attempt to not pay these debts. The bill from the excavator was paid in full in four months.

I truly hope that anyone who may have any questions about Rob Quist and his qualifications will take time to research all of the facts and not simply make their decision based on one article.

Rob is a real Montanan who will represent the rest of us based on the fact that he has experienced the challenges that most of us have faced at one time or another.

Do we really want to send another millionaire to Washington, D.C. instead?

Edd Blackler