Gianforte Right Man to Represent Montana

Please don’t be fooled by false accusations

By Cynthia Waterman

Greg Gianforte is a perfect example of the kind of man we need to represent Montana in Washington, D.C.! Why he is being criticized for his self-made success is absolutely beyond me! He was not handed his success on a silver platter. Everything he has he accomplished with ingenuity, integrity, creativity, hard work and can-do spirit. Greg and his wife Susan dedicated themselves to a strong work ethic to become successful and reaching out to help others. That’s what their life is about. They met across the snack table after they had both donated blood – that’s the kind of folks they are and they continue to give of themselves.

Greg Gianforte and his wife founded RightNow Technologies 20 years ago in the spare bedroom of their Bozeman home and grew it into the town’s largest commercial employer. They created over 500 high-paying Montana jobs, with an average Montana salary of nearly $90,000 a year. Please don’t be fooled by false accusations against Greg Gianforte. He is truly the right man to represent Montana in the US Congress!

Cynthia Waterman
Big Arm