Quist Supports Gun-Grabbing Agenda

Mr. Quist supports gun registration for all commonly owned semi-automatic firearms

By Norm Johnson

I don’t have a problem with Mr. Quist not paying his bills, as some point most of us may have been in that situation. What does bother me about Mr. Quist is how he smugly sits there with a rifle in his hands wiping it down with a rag and telling the viewer how he believes in Montana values of gun ownership.

This upsets me as he has the gall to lie to all the viewers of this advertisement. Mr. Quist supports gun registration for all commonly owned semi-automatic firearms used for hunting, recreational shooting, and self-defense. He also refuses to answer the most basic questions put to him by the National Rifle Association and others regarding our Second Amendment rights. This is because he strongly supports the Bloomberg-Schumer-Pelosi gun grab agenda. In other words, Mr. Quist has California and New York style gun ownership values. Not Montana values!

Right now the powerful health insurance industry which controls 20 percent of our economy is more than likely bribing congressional members to keep Obamacare in place as it kills competition and earns these corporations hundreds of billions of our tax dollars. Due to Mr. Quist’s tenuous financial situation he would be cheaply convinced by these companies to keep Obamacare or go to a single-payer worse system.

In contrast, independently wealthy Mr. Gianforte would not be that easily swayed by these wealthy corporations. Additionally, Mr. Gianforte is an experienced negotiator with the likes of these corporations and should be able to cut us average folks the best deal possible with the coming financial collapse of Democrat inspired Obamacare.

I have met Mr. Gianforte several times and believe he deserves our vote.

Norm Johnson

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