Quist Not Qualified for Congress

How did the Democratic Party nominate someone so unqualified?

I am scratching my head as to how the Democratic Party could nominate someone as unqualified as Rob Quist as their candidate for Congress! I would think Democratic Party stalwarts would be embarrassed to select for their candidate someone who has spent the past couple of decades defaulting on debts he owes, supporting national gun control, promoting the disaster called “Obamacare,” and advocating government growth pushing America further in debt.

Mr. Quist may be a great guy to have a beer or a joint with, but has no success in business with a lifestyle being known as one of New York’s “underground party bands” as well as private parties for the Hells Angels and then the annual Northern Idaho nudist festival (“Skin in the Wind”) certainly does not qualify him to represent Montana in the U.S. Congress. For 40 years his No. 1 song “Take a Whiff on Me” (also known as the “Cocaine Blues”) glorifying and promoting drug use is a questionable resume!

Contrast Quist’s seedy lifestyle with Mr. Gianforte – one of Montana’s most successful businessmen who fulfilled his teenage dream of living in the “Big Sky country” over 20 years ago when he and his wife left a successful engineering job to move to Bozeman Montana and start a home-based business which grew to over 500 highly paid employees. Greg Gianforte did not inherit money but made it based on hard work and some good decisions—the dream of every American!

Ed Butcher, retired state senator